Underlay Testing

Performance and Durability

Does underlay really matter? Long-term Appearance Retention

The Hexapod Tumbler test subjects a sample of carpet and underlay to simulated wear conditions. Although not ’exactly reproducing’ the changes on the floor, it is used to provide a carpet’s likely performance.

11mm underlay product

Test Parametres:

We tested samples of Luxè Carpet Underlay with a variety of other 11mm 120kg premium underlays to demonstrate that a carpets performance is dependent on what underlay you use.

Test name: The 6-year wear test challenge. Tests were conducted independently by the NZWTA. What is the Hexapod Test?

Specification:11mm 120kg density
Carpet Samples:40oz PET carpet – Same Roll
Duration:6-years wear
Reference test:No underlay

Result 1

Carpet test with no underlay

Result 2

Carpet showing sign of wear

Result 3

Carpet showing no signs of wear after Luxe underlay 6-year test
No,6-Year ResultsAppearance
1Reference Test ResultsSignificant signs of wear
2Other Premium ResultsSigns of wear and tear
3Luxè Underlay ResultsNo signs of wear

Fact: Retention increases acoustic insulation.

A resilient underlay is a key to isolating impact footfall noise as it allows a cushion for the energy of sound e.g pressure of a footstep. 

Meaning if a carpet underlay can properly deflect (compress) when putting under stress and return to the original form when not under stress the acoustic insulation properties of that underlay increase.

Luxè Underlay%NZ Premium%
No carpet91.6%No carpet81.4%
With carpet98.8%With carpet91.0%

With a remarkable retention rate, Luxè is the optimal choice of carpet underlay where acoustic insulation and performance is required

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