The Best Residential Underlay For Sound Insulation

Sound Traveling Between The Floors Of Your Home Frustrating You?

To help reduce the effects of footfall and other unwanted noises, you need a high-quality carpet underlay designed for sound insulation and impact noise reduction. The NZ Building code minimum standard for Sound insulation for floor coverings is NRC Noise Reduction Coefficient 55 (32dB), carpet and underlay combined.

The Luxe Carpet Underlay Collection is unmatched in acoustic performance with the most effective reduction rating for a re-bond foam chip underlay exceeding the NRC standard with no carpet.

11mm underlay

Test Standard ISO 10140-3:2010

ISO 10140-3:2010 specifies laboratory methods for measuring the impact sound insulation of floor assemblies. The test results can be used to compare the sound insulation properties of building elements, classify elements according to their sound insulation capabilities, help design building products that require certain acoustic properties, and estimate the in situ performance incomplete buildings.

Feet on carpet

NRC Sound Insulation Ratings

NRC – Rating Averages%dB
Carpet and Underlay0.6537
Acoustic Labs

Luxe Sound Insulation Rating

Luxe Collection 10mm 90kg41
Luxe Collection 11mm 120kg50

Thickness Loss and Retention

SpecificationLoss %
Other 11mm 130kg9 – 12
Luxe 11mm 120kg1.2 – 3

Underlay Characteristics

Checking the retention of the carpet underlay you are purchasing is important to know as it indicates the underlays acoustic insulation characteristics. A carpet underlay that can maintain its thickness for longer will have greater sound insulation properties.

A 3D rendering of Luxe Carpet Underlay