The Award-Winning Luxe Collection

The Luxe Collection is a premium carpet underlay range engineered and designed in New Zealand by Luxe Group. Constructed from a pre-consumer white reclaimed foam and manufactured using our unique isolated foam formula, it enhances the underlays retention properties in high traffic areas. This increased retention helps extend the lifespan of a carpet up to 25% longer than other underlays.

Luxe Collection Premium carpet underlay

Luxe Collection

Distinguishable by its award-winning and well-defined construction the Luxe Collection is available in multiple specifications. Starting from a 9mm thick, 100kg density, through to a 12mm thick 140kg density. and is produced in two classifications, luxury, and performance.

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Flooring Solutions

Luxe Group is a New Zealand owned and operated company that specializes in the production of carpet underlay solutions that eliminate and reduce the current product issues experienced in the flooring industry. These solutions derive from our customers and the information they provide. We first ask, then listen, to produce premium products, superior in every way.

Luxe has taken every problem from past underlays to create the ideal underlay of today in my opinion”

The Best Underlay For Carpet

Many consumers are misled by claims that the thickness of an underlay is the most important factor for performance. However, it is the density of the product that supports the pile of the carpet and reduces flattening, especially in high traffic areas. The Luxe Collection is produced to two classifications, Luxury, and Performance.

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Why Carpet Underlay

Choosing the right underlay for your home is usually overlooked during the carpet buying process. However, more than 70% of consumers purchasing carpet say that comfort is the most important to them.

An absolutely brilliant underlay very lush to the feel and the carpet looks awesome even tho its been only a year. Feels and looks brand new still


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Luxe Group Flooring

Luxe Group represents Innovation, Quality & Luxury. To solidify this in the market, we align ourselves with distributors and retailers who share these same values.

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Where to Buy

With retail locations across New Zealand, we are able to meet your flooring needs. Use Our where to buy Luxe store locator to help find your nearest store.

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Quality Assured

All specifications are tested by the NZWTA, AWTA, and Acoustic Group. We will only release new products when they are unmatched in all areas of performance.

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Recycled Foam Underlay Or A Reclaimed Foam Underlay?

Quick fact: Traces of hazardous materials in recycled foams can cause problems due to the varying restrictions on different hazardous materials between industries. It is therefore important to further investigate this aspect when purchasing a product made from post-consumer foam.